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Phono stage »Edison«  

Edison: click to enlarge

The »Edison« phono stage is the perfect choice for all discerning audiophiles who a) want to extract maximum sound quality from their vinyl treasures and /or b) want to use more than one tonearm.  


The »Edison« offers three balanced RCA inputs, two of these are also available in XLR. Each input can be individually optimized in terms of gain (16 steps) and load (12 steps between 50 Ohms and 47 kOhms) for the attached cartridge. A 1:1 input transformer of superb quality can be switched in or out for each input. All the settings are saved in an EPROM when another input is selected (either by button or by remote control). All special adjustments like gain, xfmr, phase or mono are only set when you select that special input where you had those adjustments before.  


The »Edison’s« highly innovative circuitry uses bipolar transistors and selected NOS Telefunken tubes. The RIAA EQ is implemented partially as plate load and partially as feedback loop. The phase inversion for the balanced outputs is handled by a third tube stage. Visually as well as sonically, the »Edison« complements the »Marconi« line stage perfectly.  


»The Edison sounds pure. And he is addictive. He lets the music shine so relaxed and at the same time involving, so colorful but also precise, an experience that I only had in rare moments before. Maybe there is some competition that plays more precise. Or better: competition that appears to play more precise. The Edison counters effortlessly with musical flow and this always fascinating integrity that is outstanding in my opinion. I rarely experienced such a direct and intensive access to music.«  

Stefan Gawlik »Hifi & Records« 


Brinkmann Edison


THD/IM distortion0,01%/0,05%
S/N ratio MM/MC82/78 dBA
Frequency responseDC ... 250 kHz
Gainadjustable, max. 66 dB
Output impedance600 Ohm symmetrical
Input impedance MC47 Ohm ... 47 kOhm
Input capacitance MM50 pF
Dimensions (WxHxD)420 x 95 x 310 mm (with granite base);
power supply 120 x 80 x 160 mm
Weight12 kg; granite base 12 kg;
power supply 3,2 kg
Included in deliveryphono preamplifier, power supply, power cord, granite base
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